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Ballroom Dancing Shoes and Accessories

Discover valuable ballroom dancing shoes suppliers and manufacturers that you are looking for, from ballroom dancing shoes to ballroom dancing accessories.

There are different styles of ballroom dancing. They are waltz, tango, viennese, foxtrot, samba, cha cha, rumba, paso doble, jive, swing and mambo. We hope that our site will help you find suppliers and manufacturers of any type of dancing shoes that you need to make dancing fun and enjoyable.You can select a pair or multiple pairs if you want them in different styles depending upon the type of dance that you want to perform. The type of dance that you may like aside from ballroom are jazz, ballet, hip hop, line or Irish dancing

Ballroom Dancing is fun and wonderful activity that a lot of people likes. And of course a dancer needs a good pair of ballroom shoes. A pair that is of good fit. Buying your pair is very important. Ill fitting ones will affect one's dance movement in the dancing floor. When trying them, be sure that there are no space in the heel and enough space in the front part of the sole. The footwear have also an arch for support support. To maintain them, be sure to clean them with shoe brush. This is for pairs that have a suede soles.

If you're starting out to dance and still thinking whether to buy a dancing shoes or not just remember that dancing shoes are lighter and comfortable than the ones you use in the street. They come in a variety of colors and others can be costumed made especially you if need a bigger size or a different color to match your dress.They are usually medium in width, but may also come in narrow or wide width. The fabrics are either satin, leather or patent.

If you are a seasoned dancer feel free to check out our site to find the best deals on dance shoes. Other suppliers offer a free shipping. A lot of manufacturers and suppliers offer different types of ballroom dancing pairs, so every brand and style may fit slightly different. So buy one that's snug but not tight in your feet.

Types of Dancing Shoes:

1.) Latin Styles of dancing shoes are Popular

A favorite among latin dancers, those who love ballroom dancing, salsa, samba, tango, etc. They come in different colors such as black, brown, beige brown, white, red, silver, gold, blue, tan and mix colors.

Women's latin footwear are open toed sandals, some are strappy with heel height of 1 to 3 inches. Ladies like the 2.5 inch heel height but you'll see a lot of dance competitors wearing the 3 inch heel. They come in a wide variety of styles as well as colors. They could be leather or satin. A lot of these footwear have an easy locking buckle which is really wonderful. A feature that some beginners confused at first, that is, how to buckle their new pair.

Men's latin shoes have 1.5 inch heel commonly called a Cuban heel seen more often during dance competitions. They're stylish too like the ladies' pairs and they usually come in leather or patent leather. Colors ranges from black, brown, white or a combination of black and white and brown and white.

2.) Standard Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Otherwise known as the Court or Modern. Women's standard pairs are closed-toe pumps. The heel of the dance shoes help during backward movement just like in waltz. Men’s standard ballroom footwear have heel height like a regular dress shoes.

3.) Practice Styles of dancing shoes

These footwear are often seen in a variety of styles. Women’s practice pair have a heel height of 1.5 inch but looks like a standard men's pair. Dance Sneakers can also be used a practice ballroom footwear. Please note that dance sneakers have a different shoe sizing than the regular street sneakers. Men might order 2 sizes higher than the footwear they wear on the street.

So have fun dancing especially ballroom dancing. It's one of the best form of exercise. Who knows you might be one of the Star Dancers of Tomorrow if Not Today. Now try to find that pair you really wanted. You can also check the other pages of our website such as the Block dance shoes, Capezio dance shoes, Very Fine Dance Shoes and the Dance Shoes online please see above.


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