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Discover valuable bloch dance shoes suppliers that you are looking for, from shoes to dance accessories.

These shoes offers protection and able to sustain your feet thru hours of dancing. They are specially design to the curvature of your feet. Thesea re good for ballroom and salsa dancing.

For Women's ballroom dancing shoes, the Bloch dance shoes are designed to a certain type of dancing that you want.

They are as follows:
1.) The Annabella S0806 is designed for all type of dancers, either social or serious dancer as well as for dance instructors. It has a low wide heel, padded insole, flexible suede sole and has self-locking buckle. Great for long hours of dancing.Colors: black and natural.

2.) The Bloch Issabella  S0802L is great for latin or salsa competition. It is classic looking, light and has a narrow 2.5 inch heel, suede sole, self locking buckle with T strap for support. Colors: black, natural, rose satin

3.) The Nicola dance shoes S0807 is also great for latin and salsa dance competition as well as for social dancing. It has a narrow tapered heel, suede sole, self locking buckle and T-strap for support. Colors:black, natural, rose satin

4.) The Sienna S0805 is also a salsa and Latin shoe great for social ballroom dancing. Colors: black, natural

5.) The Simona dance shoes S0809 comes with reinforced heel, closed toe, heel cups, suede sole, self locking buckle great for ballroom, tango and social dances. Colors: black, gold, natural

6.) The Yasmin shoes S0804 is great for salsa competition or as a social, Latin shoe. It has a wide heel, feminine lattice work, heel cup, thick suede sole and a self locking buckle. Colors: black, gold, natural

Ladies Sneakers

1.) The Boost DRT II ladies sneakers S0539L has a split sole, lightweight, breathable mesh upper. The spin spot has been adjusted for faster turns and the heel has added cushioning. Black color

2.) The Low top dance sneakers S0503L has a split sole with non marking soles. Colors: black, white

3.) The Propel dance sneakers S0568L is an ultra lightweight with a Velcro strap. The upper is ultra suede with breathable mesh and the outer sole provides a good balance of grip and slip. It's heel and tongue lining is mildew resistant, which provides a cooling system. Colors': Black, white

4.) The Salsation dance sneakers S0560 has a design that is liked by salsa dancer and modern dancer. Color: black

The Bloch Practice dance shoes S0850 has a low, wide cuban heel with perforated leather. T has a V shpaed stretch side that allows the dancer to pointe. Colors: black, tan

For Men, Bloch has the following shoes:

The Xavier dance shoes S0860 is leather with a classic oxford upper which is great for ballroom and lating dances. It had a low heel and short shank for support. Color; black

Men's Bloch Sneakers

1.) The Bloch Boost DRT sneakers S0538 is super lightweight with good fit. It has a cushioned heel with the spin spot and flexible split sole. This is also suited for children and ladies. Colors: Varies

2.) The Bloch Evolution dance sneakers S0510 looks like an athletic shoes but lightweight, durable and one can perform different dance movements. Colors: black


Ballroom Dance Shoes
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