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Very Fine Dance Shoes For Sale
Discover valuable Very Fine Dance Shoes suppliers that you are looking for, from Very Fine Dance Shoes to dance accessories.

These shoes are used by many professional dancers. They are good quality at affordable prices. They come in various fashionable styles and colors both for men and women. Not only they're affordable but the shoes fits well to your feet. Soles are made of suede to prevent slipping in the dancing floor. Upper part of the shoes are either made of satin, leather and patent.

Types of Very Fine Dance Shoes

1.) Classic

For Ladies Very Fine Dance Shoes, the Classic are sub categorized into latin, closed toe, practice shoes, 2 inch heel Cuban, the 1.3 inch heel Cuban, swing and wedding styles.

For men, they are sub categorized into latin, practice, standard and wide width style of shoes. Comes in various colors.

2.) Party Party

Very Fine Party Party is a new line of Very Fine. These are very fashionable that's good even for club wear. These are designed by Californian designers and had been approved by professional dancers.

For Ladies, the shoes are sub categorized into Very Fine Party Party Ladies and Very Fine Ladies Cuban. There's also party party for men in colors of black, black and white, brown and white and brown.

3.) Jazz

The Ladies Jazz shoes are 1/2 size longer than you normally would wear in US size. They come in black and copper colors. The men's shoes comes in black in regular US size.

4.) Salsera

Very Fine Salsera run 1/2 size longer than normal. Please order these 1/2 size smaller than you normally would wear in US size. 

Aside from the Very fine characteristic of being lightweight, affordable, comfortable and good quality.  Salsera have sturdier heels and the arch shape more closer to the dancer's feet.

5.) Signature

The Very Fine Ladies Signature have professionally made ultra soft suede outer sole. The shoes itself is ultra light with more flexibility. It comes in open toe latin, closed toe and Cuban. 

The men's shoes comes in black color.

4.) C Series

The Ladies C Series has the same characteristic of the Signature styles. Comes in variety of colors and styles.

The men's are made professionally of a soft outer suede, more arch support due to its improved arch shape and has an enhanced flexibility due to its minimal shank.

5.) Signature Nanofiber

The Very Fine Ladies Signature Nanofiber has a new feature of removing your shoes odor after hours of dancing as it is made of nanofiber. These have an exta foot pad and comes in a slimmer higher heel of 2.75 and 3.25 inch.

6.) Unique Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Unique Very Fine are all custom made shoes requested by customers. So you select your own unique shoe style and color. But note that since its custom made it will take some weeks for its delivery. 

7.) Dance Sneakers of Very Fine Dance Shoes

The women's size is the same as US street shoe size however for men it is 2 sizes larger than US street shoe size. So for example if your a man with size 8 US you need to find a size 10 shoes. Very Fine Dance sneakers comes in black, blue, red, yellow and white colors. 

8.) Ladies Dance Boots

Comes in black color with choice of 2 inch cuban, 2.5 inch and 2.75 inch heel height. It has an elastic options of witho or without. They are special order only so it may take some weeks for its delivery. 

9.) Very Fine Platform

These are Very Fine ladies shoes that are made to order only. It's main feature is that it has a thick square heel with 1/2 inch thickness platform sole so therefore it gives a dancer a strong support especially during spinning and turning. They're made of fine suede leather outer sole and a genuine leather lining.


Ballroom Dance Shoes
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